The world is full of beautiful people. It is our goal to connect them all. While it might seem like a lofty goal, you must understand why we feel this way. Everyone, no matter what they look like, have something to offer. And if you are that someone, then you need to drop a line to us and we will definitely find a way to put you out there. Here’s the thing – you don’t have to worry about being pimped out. This is purely social enterprise. An escort is not someone who is going to have sex with you. If you are looking for sexual services, then, you need to look elsewhere.

We promise you that the people we hire for your companionship are classy individuals who are looking to get paid for their time while making you feel good. When you come to us, we will make sure that you are provided with our best people. We make sure that our people are well-informed about the nuances of this kind of service and are trained in dealing with any contingencies they may encounter. When hiring from us, do be prepared to go through a thorough vetting process.

We don’t want to get in trouble or compromise our service to you in any way. When we vet a customer it is to make sure your anonymity is ensured and that we are not being paid by someone who could exploit our escorts in any way. Our company does not believe in sticking to defined gender norms for this industry. We are a democratic agency who provides escort services to people who all manner of preferences. Our escorts cover the gender spectrum and are well-looked after. You will not encounter a single escort in our service who is exploited in any way whatsoever.